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LinkForest is a global market-driven B2C linking service, linking thousands of high converting customers to your e-commerce site.

What Do We Do?

We gather millions of products from our network of retailers and collate them together into unique cross-platform niche websites and applications to help build strong conversion rates to your e-commerce platform.

Deep Linking

With our catalouge of millions of products we help the user find exactly what they're looking for.

Market Analysis

We provide a deep Analysis into your products performance, exposing hidden trends withing your customers.

10x Conversion Rate

On average, a customer from the LinkForest System is 10x more likely to make a purchase on your website.


Cross Platform Access

LinkForest is avaliable to our visitors cross platform, we provide mobile apps to provide a unified front for users to visit and find products in a specific niche.


Advanced Analytics Reporting

We provide a Deep Insignt into how your products are performing within specific category niches, helping you better target your products to your customers.

Marketing, Langworth Group.
“LinkForest Helped us find keywords that we hadn't considered and revealed to us exactly what our customers were searching for.”

Market Trends

With access to millions of products, we scale to meet demand bringing new sites onto the market daily. This allows us to push your products into a diversified portfolio of sites that match market trends.


Constant Innovation

We are consistently refining our approach in line with our underpinning strategy to ensure that we maximise the potential for success.
Our display methodology has been proven repeatedly to increase conversion rates significantly.

About Us


Our Mission

Founded in 2010 under the name TechFind, We've rebranded as LinkForest to become a more unified brand.
Our Mission is to bring thousands of high converting potential customers to your e-commerce platforms by linking them with your products through our diversified portfolio of web and mobile platforms.

  • We Don't Sell Your Users Data.
  • Dedicated Product Managment Team.
  • Global coverage reaching millions of users.